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“We have no idea where to start”
“My partner and I have a toddler and another on the way.  We’re running out of space in our apartment in Marrickville, and want a yard for the kids, but can’t afford to buy a house around here.  We’re thinking Leppington would be good because it has a direct train to the city where Rob works, and we can get a house and land package within our budget.  This is all new to us though, and we have no idea where to start.  Can you help?”

Maria and Rob, Marrickville

Ray Treacy, Mint Loans:

Hi Maria and Rob,

The good news for you is, you’ve already made a huge start without realising it.  You’ve clearly figured out what you need – a house with a yard and more space for a growing family – and done the research on where you can find something that’s affordable and suits your circumstances.

You’ve also figured out that in a market where established house prices are rising quickly like Sydney’s, a house and land package is a much more affordable option.  The trade-off is that you will only find new house and land packages in certain parts of Sydney; Leppington is a great example of one of those areas.

You’re smart to look at transport routes as a starting point.  We’ve seen a bunch of new infrastructure work around the city over the past few years, which has effectively bought areas like Leppington closer to our central business districts of Sydney city and Parramatta.

It sounds like the next step for you is to get a lender to confirm in writing what you can afford.  Going through a broker will help you find a lender that best suits your circumstances, particularly if you’re planning to buy land and build a home; the financing of building is a little more involved than buying an existing home, but a good broker will manage that process for you.

I can help you with that if you like, particularly if you’re thinking of buying a Rawson Communities house and land package.  Mint is part of the Rawson Group – which means we’re able to structure finances based on the land registration and home construction process.  This helps you avoid having to pay more if something doesn’t go according to plan and there is a delay during the process, and otherwise makes everything go smoother.

If you’d like to talk more, I can also help you with any questions you’ve got about the process of buying and building a house and land package.  You can reach me any time on 0406 234 711 or ray.treacy@rawson.com.au.