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Where should we be looking to buy in 2020?
Saturday 16 May 2020
“My hubby and I have been marking time during this Coronavirus crisis, but we now feel like there’s some light at the end of the tunnel and that this could now be a smart time to make our move. But, given the set-back the virus has had on our incomes, we can’t afford to be making any mistakes and want to choose the right location to buy land and build our home to secure our future. Any guidance would be appreciated." - Paula, Bass Hill Hi Paula, We all feel like we’ve put our lives on hold during this crazy time, but thankfully, things are now starting to look a little bit more like normal. You’re right, it would be a smart idea to get the ball rolling so you can have the pick of the crop! We all know the real estate mantra – location, location, location. While it may sound a bit of a cliché, that remains absolutely true today. The good news is that some really helpful information is available on some of the fastest-growing parts of Sydney, where the smart money is being invested. Whether you have the south-west or north-west of Sydney in mind, these growth areas are earmarked for big infrastructure projects, jobs, schools, medical facilities, shops and transport hubs connecting these emerging suburbs with other parts of Sydney. One thing that makes these areas attractive is that you can purchase cheaper blocks and house and land packages compared to more established parts of Sydney. Suburbs like Austral, Leppington, Marsden Park and Box Hill have been identified by the NSW Government as priority growth areas, and are benefiting from investment in connecting road and rail infrastructure. Just keep in mind, that whether you’re looking for a place to live, or an investment property, you always need to factor in the potential growth of that suburb as this will give you an idea of how fast your home is likely to grow in value, and what demand for rental property could look like over time. For example, by 2026, the Government expects Leppington’s population to be nearly ten times the size it was when the last census was conducted in 2016. Marsden Park’s growth rate has been projected to be even bigger. This means more houses for owner-occupiers and renters need to be built in these areas, more jobs are being created, more shops and services, and better roads and rail links. Rather than leave your money earning very little interest in the bank, you and your hubby can get it starting to work hard for you now, as what you pay in these suburbs today will be less than the cost of doing it in a year’s time. That also means that the value of your home will grow faster as demand for buildable land in these parts of Sydney heats up, with more job growth in the area. If you consider this information Paula, you really can’t go wrong – and if you want to know more, we are happy to help you. Want to know more? Give us a call on 1300 733 193 or fill out this contact form to make an appointment for us to call you. The Rawson Communities Team
Where should we be looking to buy