How to build happy: getting started
How to build happy: getting started Building a new home is one of the most rewarding gifts you can give yourself and your family. Sure, there are lots of things to work out – but the journey you’re about to embark on will transform your life.

The first step is to tackle the big questions of where you want to build, and the life you want to live. To get started, here’s five reasons why Rawson Communities has got you covered.

Great locations

We’re building communities in some of the fastest-growing locations in Sydney’s north-west and south-west, and the Hunter region. We’ve chosen suburbs that are being connected with more roads and rail infrastructure, and are close to new and planned shops, schools and health services. A lot of this will be underway while you’re building your new Rawson Communities home.


Why struggle to keep up as Sydney’s property prices start rising again? Lock in a lot at today’s prices and choose a home to suit your budget from our Rawson Homes or Thrive Homes ranges, or bring in a builder of your own. If you need help finding the best finance options for you, our in-house mortgage broker, Mint Loans is ready to help.


We’re called Rawson Communities for a reason. We create places where people want to live, with plenty of green space, walking-distance access to shops and services, close proximity to public transport and environments that turn into close- knit neighbourhoods.


We’ve been building homes and communities for more than 40 years. We’re absolutely committed to making sure your new home is built to your budget, and to a deadline. And we’ll be here for at least another 40 years helping our communities thrive.


We can work to any timeframe. We have a huge variety of lots available across seven Sydney and Hunter locations, including a selection of newly-released build-ready land in Austral, Marsden Park and Fern Bay that is registered and all set to start the building process sooner.

Build happy with Rawson Communities.