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Do you offer finance?
Sunday 24 May 2020
“My partner and I are self-employed in the same business. We’ve heard the banks don’t want to lend money to people like us at the moment. Do you have finance we can access, and what house and land packages do you have around our area? - Rob, Casula Hi Rob, Absolutely we do. Mint Loans is our in-house mortgage broker; they work with more than 25 lenders, each of which has different criteria and conditions for who they lend to. Mint will definitely be able to help you find the right lender to apply to for a loan to buy land and build a house, taking in your personal circumstances. There’s all sorts of speculation floating around at the moment about what the banks are doing. Rest assured they’re still lending, and they’re keen to speak to anyone with a sustainable income and solid savings history. There may be a little more paperwork involved for self-employed applicants – but just because you have your own business, doesn’t mean you won’t get a loan. As for house and land packages in south-western Sydney, we have a lot of different options available. Our neighbourhoods in Leppington and Austral are both close to where you are located and each have land-only and house and land packages for sale now. Currently, we have three-bedroom, two-bathroom house and land packages available in these estates for less than $650,000, all-inclusive. If you’re interested in finding out more about how Mint Loans can help you and more information on our house and land packages in south-west Sydney, give us a call on 1300 733 193 or fill out this contact form to make an appointment for us to call you. The Rawson Communities Team
Do you offer finance Rawson Communities