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What to know before moving in to your new home

That exciting day of moving into your new home is fast approaching. Have you thought of everything? Are you organised? Here’s a checklist that might help:

4 Weeks to Go:

Confirm your removalist and make sure your insurance is in place for the move and new address.

Ensure your services like water, energy, electric, gas, telephone and internet are organised and book a tradie to help with this if needed.

Get your removalist to supply packing boxes and make sure you clearly mark the contents for each room on the outside of the boxes.

Organise to have time off with your employer if you need it on the day of your move

Change your postal address with the Post Office and arrange for your mail to be redirected.

Advise your financial institutions, doctor and dentist, children’s’ schools, newsagent, clubs and service providers.

1 Week to Go:

Confirm the removalist and notify your solicitor the time of your move so your builder receives all completion money prior to your arrival on site to collect your keys.

1 Day to Go:

Defrost your fridge and freezer, turn off the power and get all your keys together to drop into your landlord or solicitor and note your gas and electricity meter readings.

Moving Day

On arrival at your new home, inspect it carefully to ensure everything is in order. Check:

  • All the basins, baths and toilets, the glass including mirrors, windows, shower screens
  • Kitchen fittings and appliances
  • Wall and floor tiling, carpets and flooring
  • Fireplace surrounds
  • Fitted wardrobes
  • That you have all the keys for the doors and window locks and that these open and close properly
  • All services including water, gas and electricity are connected and working. Agree meter readings with the Site Manager.
  • Check the fire detectors are working
  • Ensure you have all the instructions for appliances and you know how to work them
  • Walk around the property to ensure you are satisfied.
  • Crack that bottle of sparkly to toast your beautiful new home.