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How to build happy: getting started

Building a new home is one of the most rewarding gifts you can give yourself and your family. Sure, there are lots of things to work out – but the journey you’re about to embark on will transform your life.

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The first step is to tackle the big questions of where you want to build, and the life you want to live. To get started, here’s five reasons why Rawson Communities has got you covered.

Great locations

We’re building communities in some of the fastest-growing locations in Sydney’s north-west and south-west, and the Hunter region. We’ve chosen suburbs that are being connected with more roads and rail infrastructure, and are close to new and planned shops, schools and health services. A lot of this will be underway while you’re building your new Rawson Communities home.


Why struggle to keep up as Sydney’s property prices start rising again? Lock in a lot at today’s prices and choose a home to suit your budget from our Rawson Homes or Thrive Homes ranges, or bring in a builder of your own. If you need help finding the best finance options for you, our in-house mortgage broker, Mint Loans is ready to help.


We’re called Rawson Communities for a reason. We create places where people want to live, with plenty of green space, walking-distance access to shops and services, close proximity to public transport and environments that turn into close- knit neighbourhoods.


We’ve been building homes and communities for more than 40 years. We’re absolutely committed to making sure your new home is built to your budget, and to a deadline. And we’ll be here for at least another 40 years helping our communities thrive.


We can work to any timeframe. We have a huge variety of lots available across seven Sydney and Hunter locations, including a selection of newly-released build-ready land in Austral, Marsden Park and Fern Bay that is registered and all set to start the building process sooner.

Build happy with Rawson Communities.

Buying to rent out

Time to get in on the ground floor of Sydney’s south west

The population of Sydney’s south west is growing more than 30 per cent faster than the rest of Australia’s largest city.

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As the NSW government progresses plans for investment in infrastructure, local jobs and services as part of its broader growth corridor development program, demand for housing in south western Sydney is in a period of rapid growth.

NSW government infrastructure investment in Sydney’s south west is in response to research showing an increasing need for family homes in the region. For example, by 2031, the city’s south west will have a greater share of its population under the age of 15 than any other part of Sydney.

Within this region, demand in Rawson Communities in Austral, Leppington and Leppington Central is being driven by families and multi-generational family units, attracted to bigger land sizes providing more scope for larger homes and more flexible new home designs.

Growth in local jobs and improvements to infrastructure, and the addition of the South West Rail Link connecting the region by intercity train to the CBD, has also fed demand for rental property in and around our communities. This is expected to escalate as plans for the construction of Sydney’s second airport nearby at Badgery’s Creek start to take shape.

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Buying to live in

Seven questions to help you find your happy place

Would you like some help deciding where you want to build your home? Here are six common questions to help you find your happy place.

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Public transport

How close will we be to local and intercity public transport options? Do these services connect with where we need to travel for work every day, and will these options mean we don’t have to rely as heavily on driving everywhere?


Will your new home have easy access to major roads? Are there new roads and existing road upgrades planned for your area, to improve connectivity and ease congestion as population grows? The planning department of the NSW government makes a lot of useful information available online, to help you discover if the location you’re thinking of moving to is being future-proofed for growth.


Is your location feeding into a variety of good-quality schools for your children now, and in the future? Are there more schools planned for the area, and when are they coming? Speaking to people who are familiar with the location you’re hoping to build in, such as the Rawson Communities team, is an excellent way to find out.

Green space

Beyond your own garden, how much green space does your neighbourhood have access to? Will you be within sight of parks and green corridors so that you don’t have to drive to spend time in nature?


Will your new home be within a short walking distance of shops, services, public transport and green space, so you can be less reliant on driving everywhere you need to be? Is it a pleasant and safe place to walk around? Visiting the neighbourhood you’re thinking of moving to, and asking people already living there, is an excellent way to gauge if it’s a place where you can see yourself walking the dog or strolling to pick up a loaf of bread and a coffee.


Does the community you have your eye on have local shops and other services nearby, and are they easy to access from the spot where you hope to build a home? Are there new services planned for the location, and when are they coming? The Rawson Communities team has their fingers on the pulse for every one of our community locations – just ask.

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Developing land

Sydney’s north west growth corridor

More roads, jobs, schools and services are on their way to Sydney’s expanding north western growth area. The NSW government is investing heavily in the region over the next decade to match the expansion of housing communities with essential infrastructure.

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An additional 250,000 people are expected to move to Sydney’s north west over the next ten years. Over this time, planned NSW government infrastructure projects will be fast-tracked to meet growing demand for road access and local schools and services.

This will be in addition to expanded roadworks already underway, such as the $70 million Schofields Road upgrade project, better linking the north west to Sydney’s major road network. The area was also unlocked thanks to the new Sydney Metro Northwest rail line, which began operating in May.

The north west growth corridor is home to Rawson Communities in Marsden Park, Schofields and Box Hill, all of which have house and land packages available right now. Marsden Park has even released a new collection of build-ready lots that are already registered, to help new Rawson Communities members start building sooner.

The NSW government planning department has excellent information available online, detailing what’s in store for the north west growth corridor.

Building a home

Decisions, decisions! There may be a lot to work out, but deciding what you want your new home to look like is an exciting process – and we’re here to help you though it.

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Step 1: What kind of home do you want?

Make a must-have checklist of the things you can’t do without, and the features you’d love your new home to have. Factor in the needs of your growing family and your lifestyle including the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, outdoor dining options, living spaces for a growing family and garage space. Let yourself dream!

Step 2. How does your checklist fit in with your budget?

Whatever your budget is, you have options. For example, the award-winning Thrive Homes offers a range of designs for people who want a house they can’t afford at the price they can. Thrive Homes has packed so many features into their energy-smart homes which will tick most of your boxes. And they’re so efficient, they can build your home in 20 weeks and provide a lifetime structural guarantee.

If you’re looking for a bit more flexibility and personalisation, Rawson Homes is for you. The Rawson Homes team can create a home to your exact requirements, starting from a broad range of floorplans and configurations.

You’ll find Thrive Homes and Rawson Homes house and land packages available in Rawson Communities across north- west and south-west Sydney and in the Hunter. We even have a selection of build-ready lots available across several locations if you’d like to start building sooner.

Step 3. Finalise Your Finance

The smart move is to use a mortgage broker who specialises in construction loans. Our in-house mortgage broker, Mint Loans can help you find the home loan that’s right for you.

If you prefer to keep your options open, want to build at a later date or bring in your own builder, then simply pick land at one of our Rawson Communities hot spots. But remember, when it comes to choosing your home, make sure it fits your land size or reconsider and purchase one of our unbeatable home and land packages.

We promised it would be easy. Build happy.

Moving in

That exciting day of moving into your new home is fast approaching. Have you thought of everything? Are you organised? Here’s a checklist that might help:

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4 Weeks to Go:

Confirm your removalist and make sure your insurance is in place for the move and new address.

Ensure your services like water, energy, electric, gas, telephone and internet are organised and book a tradie to help with this if needed.

Get your removalist to supply packing boxes and make sure you clearly mark the contents for each room on the outside of the boxes.

Organise to have time off with your employer if you need it on the day of your move

Change your postal address with the Post Office and arrange for your mail to be redirected.

Advise your financial institutions, doctor and dentist, children’s’ schools, newsagent, clubs and service providers.

1 Week to Go:

Confirm the removalist and notify your solicitor the time of your move so your builder receives all completion money prior to your arrival on site to collect your keys.

1 Day to Go:

Defrost your fridge and freezer, turn off the power and get all your keys together to drop into your landlord or solicitor and note your gas and electricity meter readings.

Moving Day!

On arrival at your new home, inspect it carefully to ensure everything is in order. Check:

  • All the basins, baths and toilets, the glass including mirrors, windows, shower screens
  • Kitchen fittings and appliances
  • Wall and floor tiling, carpets and flooring
  • Fireplace surrounds
  • Fitted wardrobes
  • That you have all the keys for the doors and window locks and that these open and close properly
  • All services including water, gas and electricity are connected and working. Agree meter readings with the Site Manager.
  • Check the fire detectors are working
  • Ensure you have all the instructions for appliances and you know how to work them
  • Walk around the property to ensure you are satisfied.
  • Crack that bottle of sparkly to toast your beautiful new home.

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