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Rawson Communities Land loan support

Land Loan Support Package

We pay the interest on your land loan until 31-Dec-2020 for our registered lots or for three months post settlement for our unregistered lots.

With our economy under pressure, our customers are telling us that their dream of buying land and building a new home feels further away each day. We’re also hearing that they’re unsure about where to invest their savings during these uncertain times.

If you want to take the first step towards your dream and have around $30k saved, you could put it towards an interest only land loan which we’ll pay for the remainder of this year or until early next year.

But to help you make sure land is a good move for you, we’re also offering a complimentary finance health check by our in-house mortgage broker, Mint Loans.

Our competitively priced lots are at our communities in Austral, Leppington, Leppington Central, Box Hill, Marsden Park and Fern Bay.


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