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Rawson Communities Build Happy

We all love surprises, but not costly ones.

Traditionally, you purchase land from a developer, then engage a home builder, then sort your loan with a mortgage broker.

However, each business operating separately can cause unexpected delays and costs. No, they won’t pay for the hold-ups and extras. You will.

At Rawson Communities, our land developers, home builders and even mortgage brokers all work for the one business. One team who all talk and consider every little cost right at the start, before you’ve even handed over your deposit.

  1. Choose land from one of our six boutique estates.
  2. Choose a home from one of our builders – Rawson Homes or Thrive Homes.
  3. Get your house & land package price fixed.
  4. Secure your finance with our mortgage broker – Mint Loans.
  5. Relax – we’ve been doing this for over 40 years.

Experience. Simplicity. Choice. We call this Build Happy.

Tell us about you so we can personalise our service.