Ready to build now? So are we.

For a limited-time, Rawson Communities has released a collection of construction-ready lots just waiting for you to pick a home and start building.

This means the land is registered, saving you the 6-18 months you’d normally have to wait between making a deposit on land and starting construction of your new home.

Our build-ready lots are available across our Austral, Marsden Park and Fern Bay communities.

And if you build with Rawson Homes or Thrive Homes, you can take advantage of our exclusive offers.

Not sure if you have enough of a deposit to get a home loan or the right loan for you? Our in-house mortgage brokers, Mint Loans, can help.

The Time to buy is now

Why buy build-ready

1. Mortgage interest rates haven’t been this low in Australia since the 1950s.
2. The market is recovering, which means property prices will start rising soon.
3. New lending rules mean the banks are able to increase the size of the mortgage you can afford.
4. New lending deals are hitting the market every day – and our in-house mortgage brokers, Mint Loans are ready to help you find the best finance option for you.
5. We have just released new lots of build-ready land across three community locations – meaning your build can start sooner.
These lots won’t last. Take advantage of these perfect lending conditions Enquire Now

Preview of some of our build-ready lots